A Sample of His Mediation Experience

• Mediated claim against food processors as a result of a five state
   salmonella outbreak.

• Mediated scores of claims against physicians, nurses and
   hospitals involving obstetrical malpractice.

• Mediated numerous cases against nursing homes for
   negligent care.

• Mediated trademark infringement cases against major
   automobile manufacturers.

• Mediated wrongful death and survival claims as a result of
   the death of four American civilians employed by a private
   contractor in Iraq.

• Mediated fraud claim brought by West Coast financial
   institution against California bank.

• Mediated bad faith claim of major national transportation
   company against its carrier.

• Mediated bad faith claim of major Colorado law firm against
   malpractice carrier.

• Mediated dissolution of several medical, legal and accounting

• Mediated class action claims against major refinery for spill.

• Mediated claims of gas station owners against major
   international fuel refiner.

• Mediated Fair Labor Standard Act claims of employees of major
   insurance company.

• Mediated class action claims of borrowers of national
   automobile financing corporation.

• Mediated scores of FELA claims.

• Mediated liquidation of claims against failed insurance

• Mediated class action against petroleum company for claims
   resulting from an explosion.

• Mediated numerous claims of police brutality.


Richard B. McQuade, Jr.
Former United States District Court Judge

A Sample of His Arbitration Experience:

Three week arbitration in San Francisco involving an accounting malpractice claim brought by a nationwide financial institution against a major accounting firm.

Two week arbitration in St Louis involving a construction claim brought by an international company against a large, national construction contractor.

Two week multi-party, multi-claim construction arbitration in Covington, Kentucky.

One week arbitration in Salt Lake City involving a consumer claim against a nationwide bank.

Two week arbitration in Cleveland brought by a construction subcontractor against a large general contractor.

One week arbitration in Cleveland brought by an independent contractor against a major tool manufacturer.

One week arbitration in Toronto, Canada involving a claim of defective software.

Two week arbitration in Sandusky, Ohio involving a claim of accounting malpractice.

Two week arbitration in Cleveland involving patent and trademark infringements against a major European company.

One week arbitration involving a major international manufacturer charging a company working as its independent contractor with theft.

An arbitration with a major international manufacturer involving claims of product liability and breach of contract against an equipment manufacturer for loss of production.

Two week arbitration involving employee claims against a former employer.

One week arbitration in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan involving an alleged defective computer software design.

One week arbitration in Cleveland involving a churning claim against a national brokerage firm.